A faster, cleaner and organised burrp! for your cell phones – the burrp! mobile site

If you’re one of those people whose phones have too much data at any given point and another app download will render it comatose, you are going to love the burrp! mobile site. It gives you a complete burrp! experience on your mobile within seconds. How you ask?

Find the best restaurants and nightlife around you.

With the burrp! mobile site, details for newly opened or popular restaurants and stores, movie and play timings, food festivals and special events like happy hours and ladies night are available at the tip of your fingers. The burrp! mobile site automatically detects a user’s location and helps them discover content with a variety of search parameters. It is one of the quickest ways to make the most of the fun things to do in your city. You can sign in with your burrp.com ID or simply login with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Yahoo! And all of this is synced with the classic burrp.com website.

Get ratings, photos, menus, directions and a whole lot more.

Much like the classic website, the burrp! mobile site displays all the important information like address, contact numbers, user ratings, cuisine type, average cost, timings etc. about a restaurant, store or event in one go. Users can also get directions via Google maps, send the information instantly via SMS to their phones, browse photos and menus, read and post reviews and much more.

Browse your favourite TV shows.

With the mobile site, users can also select their favourite channels and get to know what is playing on all those channels in one go. They also have the option to view the full channel schedule for up to 2 weeks for any of the 210+ TV channels on burrp! Favourite a TV show or set reminders for the movies you don’t want to miss, do all this with a few simple clicks.

Faster, simpler and efficient.

At burrp, we are always innovating to give users the best experience of discovery and sharing. The revamped burrp! mobile site gives users all important and essential information with minimum clicks. It uses minimal graphics and simple design elements for faster loading, even on a slow GPRS connection. The interface is elegant, clean and user friendly. Supported by all types of devices and OS, the burrp! mobile site gives the users a complete experience of sharing, discovering, and recommending while on the go. So no matter what mobile phone you use, burrp! mobile will always be available for you.

What are you waiting for? Click here and get browsing. We’d love to know what you thought of the mobile site so don’t forget to write to us at info@burrp.com

b! Events

It’s been a while since our last post here. But the entire burrp! team across cities has been busy creating special burrp! events for you. And our efforts have not been in vain. Over the last few months, we managed to host a number of events, met and interacted with a lot of burrpers and had a brilliant time.

So here’s a big shout out and thank you to everyone! Your amazing response to these events and love in the way of encouraging reviews has pushed us to keep up this practice and we are trying our best to make these b! Events a monthly feature in every city.

We started off with the burrp! Chef’s Table – across 49 restaurants and spread over cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. This was followed by events like a 10-course tasting session at Le Pain Quotidien in Mumbai (click here to check out the photo gallery), the full filled Pizzolympics in Chennai with Tuscana Kryptos on 13th May (photo gallery), Foodie’s meet in Kolkata at The Tamrind on 19th May (photo gallery), Tea Tasting Event at Infinitea in Bangalore on 14th June (photo gallery), Sushi Making Workshop with Aoi in Mumbai on 22nd June (photo gallery) and the recent Five Course Tasting Session at Thai Pavillion in Hyderabad on 27th June.

We at burrp don’t just stop at eating out, we believe in being able to make good food too. For that very reason, burrp! Mumbai, along with 15 lucky burrpers, is all set to attend an exclusive Masterclass by Chef Sergi Arola. Participating users will be introduced to the MasterChef’s exquisite style of cooking and will learn his signature dishes. This workshop, scheduled for today, is going to be conducted at Enigma, JW Marriott Hotel, Mumbai. Now that’s a Saturday well spent, isn’t it?

If you’ve missed all these events, make sure you hurry up and get ready for the upcoming ones.

Breakfast Bonanza at The Westin Chennai – 7th July, 2013

At The Westin Chennai, you will have a chance to kickstart your morning with a healthy and tasty ‘super food’ meal at the The Breakfast Bonanza. Priced at Rs 46o, 10 burrp! users will have a chance to treat themselves to the sumptuous breakfast buffet and take part in the ‘Make our own breakfast’ contest. Participants will have to create their versions of a ‘Super Food’ breakfast dish. The contest will be judged by Chef Pravin Bagali and the top 3 dishes will win exciting prizes!

Breakfast Sunday at Otto Infinito (BKC) – 7th July, 2013

While burrpers may not be able bring out the MasterChef in them at Otto Infinito, BKC Mumbai, they can learn how to make quick breakfast dishes like pancakes, breakfast couscous and much more from the Chefs at Otto Infinito. The workshop, priced at Rs 500 per person (all inclusive), will be followed by a breakfast feast for all. Guests can gorge on the freshly baked breads, French toast, breakfast pizzas and omelettes from the live omelette counter. There’s juice, tea, coffee and cereals to go with too.

We also have something fun planned in Delhi, Bangalore and Pune for July, so watch out this space to know more.

Pssstt… we were also busy launching some new cities and hill stations on burrp.com for you to check out and review. So log on to www.burrp.com and see for yourself!

Happy burrping!

We have 2 new features!

In a constant effort to give our burrpers something new and innovative to make their lives simpler, we present two new features – ‘Book A Table’ and ‘Home Delivery’.

Users can now check a restaurant listing, all its details and if they feel like it reserve their seat there or order the food at home with a few simple clicks. These features are available live on 1,500 restaurants and we are hoping to add many more to the list soon.

The ‘Book A Table’ option saves users the trouble of calling up a restaurant, answering hundred different questions and repeating their specifications some two hundred times (yes we like to exaggerate but it’s true! Sometimes reserving a table over the phone can be very painful and irritating).  Now they can fill up a simple form and choose their desired date, time, meal, number of seats and even make special requests.

The ‘Home Delivery’ button takes the user to a page where all the information about the restaurant is listed and while they browse through the menu, they can simply click on the dish and add it to their order cart.

If they have any discount coupons, they can enter the coupon code to avail the discount. The site gives the users complete information of the total charges and the applicable taxes. If they don’t want to wait for the standard delivery time, they can choose to pick up their food too by specifying it in the delivery options.

Once they are satisfied with their choices, they can proceed to place the order. For now the only payment option is cash on delivery.

There you go… two more reasons to keep burrping!!! As always, we hope you will enjoy these features and write to us at info@burrp.com for any feedback, information or assistance.

Share what you know, discover what you don’t.

The burrp! app for Android has made this even simpler! You can now search, browse and post reviews from your Android device within minutes. It’s been over a week since the launch of the app and we have received such an overwhelming response. Thank you very much for all the feedback… the good and the not so good.

Here’s some of the feedback we received via twitter and on the app store:

Ashutosh Bohra ‏@ashu84
Congrats @burrp @burrp_mumbai for the new app downloading it right away woohoo @ceetee

Nischal Shetty ‏@NischalShetty
Not saying because I once worked here but the @burrp android app is fucking gorgeous!! I’m off to finding a dinner place,got a date tonight!

Gautam Nair – December 11, 2012 – Motorola Defy
Burrp it out
Excellent ..app… good or bad reviews …just burrp it out …

Neha Borkar – December 12, 2012 – LG Optimus One with version 1.0
Very helpful app
Eating out now becomes really easy!

Sohan Rao – December 11, 2012 – Version 1.0
Finally! On android
UI is quite smooth no problems there but needs some work on contents as there are very good alternatives at least for Food related suggestions…keep up the good work.

Available via the Google Play Store, there are a lot of fun features that our app offers. It makes the users life easier by picking their location and suggesting places near them. But that’s not all. Users can also -

  1. Filter their search by locality and cuisine.
  2. View menus, pictures and reviews by other burrpers. It’s always good to know the inside story, right?
  3. Post reviews and upload pictures.
  4. Share via Facebook, Twitter, SMS or email.
  5. And one click access to listings marked as ‘favourite’.

The features don’t end here. The burrp! Android app is the only one in its genre which will send you notifications about what’s happening in your city. So now if you want to know what to do on Wednesday, simply use the burrp! app.

  1. Browse ongoing and upcoming events including movies
  2. Filter your search by type of event and locality. Food festivals, new menus, karaoke, ladies night, movies, sales and discounts, burrp! has it all listed.
  3. Date, time, venue and of course price, all the details now available on your Android.
  4. Share via Facebook, Twitter, SMS or email.
  5. Add to your ‘favourites’ for easy access.

So the next time you want to skip the office canteen lunch or the ‘ghar ka dabba’ and need a place nearby for a quick bite, you know where to look. Or then if you’ve had an awesome experience and want to let the world know what they must do next Thursday, just ‘burrp!’ it.

Download the app by clicking here and send us your, love, feedback and suggestions at info@burrp.com

A lot has happened @ burrp!

We are all geared up to bid adieu to 2012, and we have lots of ideas to make this farewell an exciting one for our burrpers too! But before we step into the New Year, we’d like to stop, take a breather and look back at all the fun memories we’ve managed to create this year.

The one event that was very special to us was our birthday celebration; burrp! turned 6 in August 2012. Keeping in mind the time of the year, our theme for the celebration was ‘The Sound of Freedom.’ The site featured interesting stories like ‘6 burrp! worthy dishes in the city’, ‘6 things to do in a city’ and ‘explore your city in 6 hours.’ With the emphasis on the number 6 established by our stories, we ran a lot of contests along the same theme. Vouchers were given to users who wrote 6 reviews in a day before 6pm, users who were the 6th reviewers of the day, twitter hash tag contest winners and the two highest reviewers got a pair of custom made burrp! shoes.

The site also had a list of top six restaurants, cafe, dessert shops, pubs and lounges, newly opened places and even the popular road-side stalls along with fun suggestions for ‘things to do’ at the stroke of 6. Since our burrpers have helped us grow and evolve, as a big thanks to all of them, we featured our top six reviewers from six cities on the site.

It was the best 6th birthday anyone has had, and the love from our burrpers made it more special.

With a promise to give our burrpers the best and keeping in mind the importance of Oktoberfest to our bellies, we launched an Oktoberfest micro site for all things beer. This was active across six cities; Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi. The site carried information of all the beer festivals in these cities along with stories that even informed our users how they can use beer to attract pretty butterflies to their house!

But it didn’t end here. What kind of a celebration would it be if there was no real beer involved? We gave away lots of vouchers for beer tasting sessions and unlimited beer events. And we made sure they would get ‘legally drunk.’

And finally November was the month to splurge and indulge without spending a single penny. We organized our very first Chef’s Table. With YES BANK as our presenting sponsor, we tied up some of the best restaurants in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad and asked the head chef to create a special menu for us. The table for 10  was hosted by the Chef himself, where he interacted with the burrpers and answered all sorts of questions about the food. Our burrpers could book one seat at any one table of their choice just by writing seven reviews in one day. The response was overwhelming and some of the people who attended a table just to try it out, were so impressed that they made it point to attend a few more tables by writing more reviews.

For all those who didn’t get a chance to attend it the first time around, don’t be disheartned. We have a second edition of the Chef’s Table coming soon.

Watch this space to know more about the next Chef’s Table and all fun things happening at burrp!

I heart burrp!

Another two weeks before we say Bye Bye 2011… Hello 2012! The year has been pretty eventful with a lot of new faces in the team and many new ideas being shared and executed. But we wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for our burrpers (users) and partners (business owners). So we would like to burrp! about  some of the people who sent in words of appreciation and encouragement… some e-mails, tweets and posts that put a smile on our faces. This by no means is a finite list… these are but a few from a long list of burrp lovers.

A special shout out to Vipin Sachdev whose restaurants – Tuscana Pizzeria and Kryptos By Willi – recently won The Miele Guide awards for being the finest restaurants in Asia. This is what he wrote to us when we sent him a congratulatory mail…

Thank you for your wishes. Coming from burrp! it means a lot to us. I love interacting with guests. I believe our restaurants are loved only because the guests feel at home in our restaurants. I personally answer 99% of the guest feedback on our own Facebook page & the burrp.com page.

Another pleasant surprise was when we found the following share/post about one of our articles from know.burrp.com. Why was it a surprise? Well, believe it or not we are constantly debating and discussing whether you burrpers really enjoy reading all the stuff we post on Know Your City. Thank you iaintwoeyes for this…

burrp! knows all there is to know about your city

burrp! knows all there is to know about your city

When we released our Blackberry App, this is one of the first e-mails we recieved…

Hello burrp team,

The application you have made for blackberry is just awesome. Its really helpful and I have already made 100 people download it. Just a request there is a slight error in the working of the app. Whenever we want to search a hotel or spa , the search is area wise. So we have to change area again and again till we get the perfect spa. There should be an option where the area selected can be mumbai and entire mumbai hotels and spas can be displayed just like the website. Thank you! This problem is from all of us!

Rest assured the team is working on this and many other suggestions raised by you guys. So thanks and keep the feedback coming!

But these are not the only ones… here are a few tweets that definitely made our day!

H @iWanderluster – @burrp_kolkata u guys were of great help in figuring where to eat at goa. Cheers.

@ideepshri – Likes the #Burrp app on #BB@BlackBerryIN
@prathameshj – @burrp_mumbai using Burrp blackberry app … Helped saving my time & petrol too :p

pri_agrawal@burrp Its super, I downloaded it this weekend and didn’t know Colaba had so many new places which I had not discovered.. Thanks Burrp :)

teodranik – @smritisant I have heard great things about @Gostana… @smritisant – @teodranik Thank you! Imma Burrp this ! =P
And last but not the least were the tweets about our New Year’s Eve site

wannabesanyasin – mumbai.burrp.com/nye/ @burrp @burrp_mumbai you guys keep getting awesome day by day!!! :)

@a_henna Loving the entire New Year’s Eve feature by@burrp_Mumbai. So expansive and detailed! mumbai.burrp.com/nye/

On that note… Merry Christmas to all and we hope you burrp! your way into the New Year!!!

burrp! on iPhone

It’s finally out! Our app is now available in the Apple app store. Make sure you download it now! And don’t forget to give us your feedback because you can now browse through 1.5 lac listings of restaurants, retail outlets, events, movies and lots more. If it’s happening in your city it’s on burrp!

A few highlights that may interest you:

  • Auto-location detection – automatically shows you top rated places wherever you happen to be
  • All burrp! listings available with reviews, photos and menus
  • Details of events happening across the city
  • Movie rating, review and schedule
  • Oh! And it also allows you to add photos and reviews from the app itself

Since we love to make your life easy, here’s the link to the App Storehttp://bit.ly/v2z7mT

Don’t waste time trying to find out where, when what. We have all the dope… simply burrp! on the go. Happy burrping!!!